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    Remember that epic scene in Free Willy when the whale jumps over the boy to sweet freedom? You’ve totally been dying to re-enact that moment with your microphone, right? We won’t judge.

    It’s time to free your mic from the oppressive waters of ... cords! The Wireless Mighty Mic gives you crisp, isolated sound just like its older brother, without being buoyed to anything. Now you can grab clear sound from afar. The Wireless Mighty Mic is compact to minimize distraction and made from high-quality materials. Truly mighty and mite-sized!

    To start recording, just pair the Mighty Mic with your iPhone via Bluetooth. Open up your favorite video recording app and start rolling! Plug in your headphones to hear your sound being recording in real time. After you've captured your masterpiece, charge the Mic up with the included USB cord.

    Use the Mic to record interviews with your grandma, for posterity (that’s you!) Attach the Mic to your kiddo during their school play, so you can clearly hear their perfectly delivered lines.

    Your mic is free now, so there's no need to continue training it to understand hand signals. Whew, because it was really not responding to fish treats.

    Works Great With...
    • Record clear sound from afar - up to 60 feet!
    • Made from quality materials, so it’s super durable
    • Compact size isn’t distracting to subjects
    • Perfect for gettin’ your Diane Sawyer on
    • Wirelessly connect via Bluetooth
    • No need to sync your video to sound later
    • Rear-mounted clip for easy attachment
    • Comes with USB charging cord
  • FAQ

    Why do I have to use an app with this Mic? Which apps work best?

    The Mighty Mic works via Bluetooth, so you need an app that’s able to engage that function while recording videos. We recommend using MoviePro (paid/free) or Voice Recorder HD.

    What’s the range on this Mic of Mightiness?

    The range of the Mighty Mic Wireless is the same as any Bluetooth device: 60 feet as a general guideline. That’s as much as a 6-story building! Bluetooth connection can be disrupted by many things though, especially water. If you’re standing on one edge of a pond, trying to get sound from the other side you may not have as much range connectivity. However, if there’s nothing but clear air between you and your subject, your range could be upgraded significantly (like by hundreds of yards ... whoa!)

    Is this gonna kill my battery?

    Not by much! The drain of any Bluetooth device on your phone’s battery is really nominal. Recording video itself is gonna burn through battery though, so make sure you’re near an outlet or packing juice!

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