Photorito Lens Wrap

Tuck your lens into this tasty-looking protective wrap that's lined with cush neoprene.


Photorito Lens Wrap


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    Ahhh, the Mission District. The Burrito Capital of San Francisco. It's a little known fact that Photojojo HQ sits smack dab in the middle of said capital and have we got a burrito for you.

    Feast your eyes on the Photorito Lens Wrap!

    It's a protective lens wrap that looks like just like a burrito! Here's how it works: wrap your lens up burrito-style in the padded sleeve, and a built-in band will hug your lens to keep it in place.

    The next time your buddy calls you up for a scenic hike, you won't have to lug your camera bag. The wrap does the cushioning for you, so you can toss your lens into *any* bag.

    The wrap itself is made of super-tough Tyvek (the stuff hazmat suits are made of!) and cushioned with neoprene. You know your lens will be safe even if you drop your bag off a cliff, get attacked by a pack of wild honeybadgers, or get bored and need something to toss around.

    Plus, a clever burrito disguise means potential thieves will never suspect that you're packing glass instead of pico de gallo.

    So ditch those other lens covers that are boring and unappetizing. The Photorito will have you in the mood for an endless photo fiesta.

    • A lens wrap that looks like a tortilla!
    • Fits lens sizes from 24mm-200mm!
    • Protects your lens from bumps, drops, water, dust, and scratches
    • Made of super-tough & waterproof Tyvek; cushioned with neoprene
    • Snap band inside makes it a cinch to fold
    • Bust out your lenses quickly and easily
    • Measures 15" across (15"x15")

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