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    Your spirit animal is Brian, that pretty boy with 37 pieces of flair, who reeeeally knows how to express himself.

    Well, good news, you flair-loving photographer, our Enamel Pins are picture-perfect for self-expression. They’re a cute and cunning gift for yourself or people you really like. Photojojo Enamel Pins are made with some high-quality materials (mostly love) by some of the coolest cats around (us!)

    Choose from a Land Camera Pin to show off your serious devotion to analogue photography, or a Selfie Pin made with front-facing phone cams in mind. Better yet, don’t play favorites and get them both.

    Pin one to your denim jacket, camera bag, camera strap, dog’s leash … anywhere! Just, you know, avoid pinning to skin. Ouch! #duh.

    Enamel pins make for great gifts or party favors. Hand them out at your next photo meet-up! Add these beauties to your ever-growing collection of enamel pins, or start your collection off with a bang.

    Now you’ve got the flair, and that terrific smile. All you need to release your inner Brian.

    • Enamel Pins designed by yours truly!
    • Durable, high quality, real tough stuff
    • *PJ exclusive* for the cool kids
    • Sport a Land Camera Pin for #tbt
    • Selfie Pin made with reverse images in mind
  • FAQ

    Did you know that SELFIE is spelled backwards on your pins?

    Oh noooo ... just kidding! Yeah, we did that on purpose as a clever way to ensure that the word is spelled frontwards in your stunning selfies where everything is reversed. How fun is that?

    Are these suitable for children under 3?

    If your small one is well-versed in the art of the enamel pin, then by all means gift them these ones! Otherwise, keep these Enamel Pins safely tucked away for use by really cool adults (or adult-like people) only.

    I accidentally put mine in the wash, are they doomed?

    Oh man, we have so been there! Take them out pronto, but no worries, they'll be fine even if they go through an entire cycle. Try to snag them before being tossed in the dryer. The butterfly clasp back will probably survive the dry time, but every machine is different, and has like a trillion settings (why??) so it's best to play it safe and try to keep them out of the heat.

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