White Magnetic Photo Rope

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Magnetic Photo Rope - White


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    We have seen the future, and it is full of robots and magnets.

    Magnetic Photo Rope is one of the coolest things we've found. Cool because it's sleek and modern, because it uses tiny, surprisingly-strong magnets, and because it's not yet another boring photo frame. (It's cheaper, too!)

    Available in white!

    The simple and beautiful 58" cable comes with 8 magnets you can use to attach photos, postcards, birthday cards, dental checkup reminders... you name it. The bottom of the cable is weighted to keep it straight, and a loop of cable at the top lets you hang the rope from anywhere.

    Magnetic Photo Rope is way nicer than sticking your photos on the fridge, and a whole lot more interesting than a frame.

    Images graciously donated by: Amy Matarazzo and Eamon Lane

    • 58" of trim metal line to attach your pics to.
    • 8 tiny, yet so-powerful-they'll- make-you-giddy magnets with which to attach your pics.
    • A weighted bottom keeps the rope perfectly straight.
    • Simple to hang! A single thumbtack, pushpin, or nail is all you need.
    • Works with photographs of various sizes, greeting cards, postcards, almost anything flat.
    • No batteries, no gimmicks. Just simple, beautiful, photo fun!

    Seeking more ropes for less dinero? Craving different colors while you're at it? Just drop us a line, we'll take care of it.

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