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Babe the Big Blue Wall Charger. Your trusty sidekick.


Wall Charger - Blue
(Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0)


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    Charger charger on the wall, this is the best charger of them all.

    Pair this puppy with your favorite USB cable to charge phones, cameras, smart watches and electronical doodads of all kinds.

    It features four ports, so you can charge every gadget you’ve got. Plus, one of those ports is a Quick Charge port for … you guessed it! … extra quick charges.

    This baby is twice as fast as wireless chargers.

    'Cuz the only thing worse than a poison Apple is one that's out of batteries. And ain't nobody got time to wait around for Prince Charming to let you borrow his charger.

    • Charge everything(!) with 4 USB charging ports
    • Qualcomm 3.0 Quick Charge port charges twice as fast as wireless charging
    • Beautiful bright blue color (no red or black ... yet)
    • Plug prongs fold in for safe storage
    • RoHS & FC safety certified

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