Everyday Charging Cable

It's That Dang Cable You're Always Searching For


Lightning Charging Cable
(Apple-Mfi certified)


MicroUSB Charging Cable


Power Kit
Bag, Power Bank, Snuggle and Charging Cable

$67  $59

  • Description

    Who says charging cables are passé? Electricity moves much quicker through a wire than a wireless charger. So when you need to power up on the quick reach for an Everyday Charging Cable.

    This bad boy sends power to your battery and syncs data in a flash. Its braided nylon cover makes this cable sturdy, tangle free and extra-fancy looking to boot. Plus, reinforced connector bits at the ends, helps them stay safe and last longer.

    But it's not all tough stuff, this cable comes with a cozy cable snuggle.

    Looks great. Charges even better. You’ve just found the best darn cable there is!

    Pick your favorite of three poppin' colors and grab a version with a Lightning Connector to pair perfectly with your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

    Or get yourself a MicroUSB connector for your Android device. Pssst - this cable works with any device that charges via MicroUSB including: most Android phones, Kindles, most tablets, GPS devices and more.

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